FOP Legal Defense Plan NEWS/ UPDATES

Legal Defense Plan - Participant Fee Change effective 1.1.19



During the Spring 2018 Board Meeting held in Seattle, the FOP Legal Plan Board of Trustees approved the following change to the Plan. Though the Plan has seen some significant growth over the last few years, the number of claims being submitted has also increased. Multiple factors go into making decisions with the ultimate goal of financial solvency and continue to be the best Legal Plan in the marketplace.

Participant Fee Change Effective January 1, 2019

Effective on the first anniversary date on or after January 1, 2019, a price increase on full coverage will be implemented. The new annual pricing will go into effect on your lodge or individual annual renewal date. (Please note that the Participant Fee for Civil and Criminal Only coverage has not been changed).

Effective 1.1.2019 (or at your renewal date thereafter)

Salary Reimbursement Option amended effective



The FOP Legal Plan, Inc. Board of Trustees voted to amend the Salary Reimbursement Option (SRO) in the Legal Defense Plan coverage, effective 4.12.18. This option may be elected in lieu of Legal Defense Costs. Previously participants whose claims involve suspension or other discipline resulting in salary loss could have elected to receive reimbursement of up to three days’ actual salary loss or $500, whichever is less. The amended SRO removes the cap and now will reimburse the LEO up to three days’ actual salary loss (no cap).




We are pleased to announce, effective April 1, 2018, the following limit options are available for the FOP Moonlighting Insurance Program.

  • Annual Cost for $100,000 Liability Limit:
    • $193.52 (for FOP members)
    • $326.04 (for non-FOP members)
  • Annual Cost for $250,000 Liability Limit:
    • $388.10 (for FOP members)
    • $653.14 (for non-FOP members)
  • Annual Cost for $500,000 Liability Limit:
    • $582.67 (for FOP members)
    • $978.13 (for non-FOP members)

To renew coverage online, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Young at 1-800-341-6038.

New and Extended Coverage Available



Optional Prior Acts Coverage Now Offered

Effective March 29, 2017, the FOP Legal Defense Plan (FOP Legal Plan) began offering optional prior acts coverage for full coverage on new groups wanting to join the FOP Legal Plan. Prior acts coverage applies only if the group's previous legal plan provided coverage for similar claims (e.g., a new claim for administrative discipline arises, and the group's previous legal plan covered claims for administrative discipline).

Unknown prior acts coverage is also offered. This option covers claims that haven't been reported to you or your previous plan before FOP Legal Plan coverage begins. That is, prior acts coverage extends to occurrences that take place before FOP Legal Plan coverage begins that result in claims after FOP Legal Plan coverage begins.

To qualify for this coverage:

  • Groups must have carried continuous comparable full coverage (administrative, criminal and civil) prior to enrolling with the FOP Legal Defense Plan.
  • Claims of which the group knew, or should have known, have been reported to the previous plan or insurance program.

For this coverage, there is a one-time cost of $240 per participant and an annual premium of $264.

Fire Department Arson Investigators Now Covered

Effective November 10, 2016, the FOP Legal Defense Plan (FOP Legal Plan) began extending coverage to fire department arson investigators. This coverage is for FOP associate members employed by a federal, state or local government fire department whose part-time or full-time duties include arson investigation. The members must be certified peace officers with powers of arrest and have current firearms certification.

The coverage is limited to civil and criminal claims only. Coverage extends only to claims arising from performance of law enforcement duties in connection with arson investigation. Coverage does not extend to other duties performed for the same employer which do not directly relate to law enforcement authority of such participants.

For more information about these or other coverages, contact Hylant (FOP Legal Plan Enrollment Administrator) at 1-800-341-6038.

Changes to FOP Legal Defense Plan



At the Spring FOP Legal Defense Plan board meeting, the following changes were adopted:

Pro-rated premium for new members, effective June 1, 2016.
New members will pay for the actual number of days covered during the first month. Future fees will either be credited or debited based on lodge enrollment at the next statement.

Backdating coverage requests.
Effective immediately, coverage backdating requests will require the following information:

  • Narrative of the circumstances;
  • Information that would be deemed important for the board to consider;
  • Supporting documentation as it pertains to the request e.g., payroll for the timeframe requested, cancelled check, legal plan application, etc.;
  • Submission of any other members that the lodge may have failed to pay for.

If approved, the lodge or individual participant will pay owed fees from the delinquent period through the present, and may be subject to a $250 backdating processing fee.

For questions pertaining to the above changes, please contact Hylant at 800-341-6038 or by email at