Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FOP Legal Defense Plan?
A self-funded ERISA plan that is available to eligible FOP groups and individual members. The Plan provides coverage for administrative proceedings, including those arising off-duty and outside the scope of employment, civil lawsuits, and criminal investigations, prosecutions, and grand jury proceedings that arise in the scope of your law enforcement employments.


Who owns the FOP Legal Defense Plan and how long has the Plan been in operation?
The Legal Defense Plan was created and sponsored by the FOP Grand Lodge on May 1, 1995. Decisions surrounding the operation of the Legal Defense Plan are made by the appointed FOP Legal Defense Plan Board.


How do I enroll in the FOP Legal Defense Plan and when will coverage be effective?
You can enroll online now or contact Hylant at 800-341-6038. The effective date of coverage for any participant will be the following day after approval of the completed application and receipt of participation fees.


How do I file a claim?

  1. Report your claim electronically by completing the Claim Reporting Form, or
  2. Report your claim by telephone at 866-857-3276
Sedgwick will review the claim, make a coverage determination and communicate with you and your chosen attorney.


Are there limits on legal fees?
Not if your attorney is a Plan Attorney.


How do I find a Plan attorney if I don't know one in my area?
A complete list of plan attorneys are available here online, you can call Sedgwick Claims Management Services for assistance at 866-857-3276, or contact your local or state lodge for a recommendation. 


What if I am disciplined administratively by my employer for something that occurred off-duty and not within the scope of employment?
FOP Legal Defense Plan full-coverage option automatically includes off-duty/out-of-scope coverage for these situations.